Magnificent Scenery

With a total of 6 peaks and the highest standing impressively at 833 meters (2733 ft) above sea level, Penang Hill features the best lookouts in Penang, offering panoramic views of the island and mainland.

Beautiful Sunrise

Rise early and catch the first train up the Hill and you will be rewarded with a magnificient glimpse of the sunrise on clear days or feel the cotton-like mist floating in the air on colder days.

Sunrise 1
Sunrise 2
Sunrise 3

Spectacular Day Views

The Sky Walk and Viewing Decks offer a spectacular 180 degrees view of George Town with senior citizen and physically-impaired friendly features in fulfilling their accessibility needs

Day View 1
Day View 2
Day View 3

Mesmerizing Evening Views

As dusk sets in, watch George Town light up, providing a magical backdrop against the evening sky.

At Penang Hill, it is always an unforgettable, refreshing and enriching experience. And if you wish to linger around the hill till late, the last train down is at 11pm.

Evening View 1
Evening View 2
Evening View 3

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