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Penang is world-famous as the region’s food paradise. Penang Hill has a selection of eateries, from fine dining restaurant a la English, fast food outlet, street food café and others.

There is also the not-to-be-missed Chicken Peas Special Masala by Uncle Sakthivel. His pushcart also sells assorted nutty snacks and Indian titbits.

David Brown (Privately Operated)

Tucked away on top of Penang Hill lies a distant rumour of a long forgotten garden - David Brown's at Strawberry Hill, a quintessential British colonial Restaurant and Tea Terraces.

David Brown's is ideal for company function/dinner, seminar, product launch, training, management meeting, annual or family dinner. Our friendly and professional service staff is there to ensure your requirements are met unobtrusively.

There is a variety of hors d'oeuvers, steaks and chops, fresh puddings and pies and traditional roasts in the menu, which also offers a vegetarian selection.

Opening Hours:
9:00am - 10:00pm (Daily)

Local delight at its best

Penang is famous for it's hawker food. Enjoying local delight wth superb view from Penang Hill will be awesome. Cold weather hot Laksa will enrich you experience even more. Not forgetting refreshing ice kacang & fruit juices.

Astaka/ Cliff Cafe

Cliff Cafe or Astaka Bukit Bendera is a three-storey food and beverage centre in Penang Hill. The view is particularly beautiful at night, when the city lights up.Cliff Cafe became operational January 2012. The two higher levels houses the food court, with food stalls on the upper level and souvenir stalls and drinks stalls on the lower level.

Opening Hours:
8:00am - 8:00pm (Daily)

Snack Time!

Kacang putih for all (Privately Operated)

“Here Comes the Kacang Putih Man!”. Mr. Sakthivel stands at his pushcart in front of Giant Tree at upper station of Penang Hill selling your favourite snack. His small metallic pushcart is stuffed with glass containers containing more than 15 varieties of peas, peanuts and beans.
Opening Hours:
8:00am - 7:00pm (Daily except Tuesday)

It's time to chill

Enjoy yourself at the cafe which located at the top of Penang Hill. It is an unforgettable place where you can enjoy and relax with your friends!

The Habitat Shop & Cafe
(Kommune Eko-Deli)
(Privately Operated)

A specially curated plant-based dining experience in our pristine rainforest at The Habitat Penang Hill to satisfy your cravings. Menu proudly inspired close-to-heart by our Malaysian roots yet providing all the rich nutrients from organic offerings.
Opening Hours:
9:00am - 5:30pm (Daily)

Penang Hill Station Bakery and Bubble Tea
(Privately Operated)

Penang Hill Station Bakery & Bubble Tea offers delicious drinks and amazing variety of bread that is full of flavour, made with only the highest-quality ingredients and packed full of delicious fillings.
As a part of an eco-friendly partner, we use paper straws and paper bags for the buns.
Opening Hours:
9:00am - 8:00pm (Daily)

Marrybrown (Privately Operated)

Since 1981, the award winning Marrybrown offers a wide variety of tasty meals including crispy juicy fried chicken, delicious burgers, specialty wraps, fabulous seafood, rice delicacy, finger foods, salad, fun fries, range of beverages and desserts.
Satisfy your cravings for slogan at Marrybrown.

Opening Hours:
8:00am – 10:00pm (Daily)

A&W Penang Hill
(Privately Operated)

What is a better choice when it comes to beating the well-known Penang heat? Of course, the answer lies in A&W’s signature beer float. Everyone enjoys a good cup of beer float no matter young or old. We remember when we were small, whenever we passed by A&W, we’ll surely pester our parents to get us their signature refreshing beer float!
The shop is located at Penang Hill Lower Station. Don't forget to pay a visit whenever you visit to Penang Hill!
Opening Hours:
9:00am - 10:00pm (Daily)

Experience the peak of the Pearl of the Orient

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