Penang Hill Gallery @Edgecliff

Magnificent Gallery category II heritage bungalow

The Penang Hill Gallery@Edgecliff is Penang Hill Corporation’s second conservation project and is a must-see for all visitors at Penang Hill. The magnificent Gallery is a category II heritage bungalow which is located approximately 200 meters from the Upper Station. Perched on the edge of a cliff, the Gallery is surrounded by serene and lush rainforest located within the Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve. Its ideal location treats visitors to a breath-taking view overlooking the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site and the bustling Air Itam town.

The Gallery consist of 5 main segments, each dedicated to the unique features of Penang Hill. The unforgettable and engaging journey begins from the moment visitors set foot into the building as the Time Tunnel transports them back to the past. The journey continues as visitors trek within an indoor forest in the Biodiversity section followed by an exploration on some of the alluring heritage architectures on the hill at the Heritage section. The journey continues to the Funicular gallery where visitors unravel the great engineering feat of constructing the funicular on the hill a century ago. Last but not least, visitors may relive the vibrant life-on-the-hill as they wander into the Cultural gallery. To complete the experience, visitors can shop for souvenirs to bring home mementos of Penang Hill.

The Gallery which emulates green practices is the first project in Malaysia to obtain the Non-Residential Existing Building (NREB): Historic Building Tool certification from Green Building Index. Come visit the Gallery and experience it today!

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Ticket counter closes at 3.45pm
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