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Operating Hours of Penang Hill

• What is the operating hours of Penang Hill?

Penang Hill’s ticket counters open every day from 6.15am to 9.15pm while the funicular service runs from 6.30am to 11.00pm (last trip from the Upper Station to the Lower Station).

Please take note that the funicular service will be shut down for its bi-annual scheduled maintenance.

For more information, please visit

Ticket Price and Payment of Penang Hill Funicular Service

• How much is the ticket price of Penang Hill funicular service?

Please see the complete ticket price list of Penang Hill funicular service at


• Where can I purchase the funicular ticket?

While on-site ticket purchase is available at the ticketing counters, you are encouraged to pre-purchase tickets online prior to the visit to save time and skip the queues.

For online ticket purchase, please visit

• What are the payment modes at the Lower Station?

We accept cash. Following the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, it is encouraged that visitors make payment through the CARDLESS, CASHLESS and CONTACTLESS way via credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS and Union Pay) and e-wallet via Touch ’n Go, Grab Pay, ALIPAY, WeChat Pay and QRPay

• What is the difference between Fast Lane and Normal Lane?

Through Fast Lane, visitors are able to opt for a shorter waiting time and avoid the long queues at the ordinary queue lane. This is recommended for visitors who are in a rush or have a short time to explore Penang Hill

Online Ticket Purchase

• Can I change the date of my visit?

The date for your visit cannot be changed once it is set. The ticket is only single-use.

For further inquiries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• Can I purchase one-way ticket online?

One-way ticket can only be purchased on-site at the ticketing counters at the Lower Station.

• Can I purchase the ticket online and redeem it on the same day?

No. Online ticket purchased must be made AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the visit.

• Can I get the refund for ticket cancellation?

Tickets sold are non-refundable.

• How do I know if my payment is successful?

Upon a successful transaction, you will be directed to the ‘Payment Complete’ page with the booking number. A notification with an e-Ticket will be sent to the email address used to make the booking.

Alternatively, you may also click ‘Download Ticket’ on the ‘Payment Complete’ page to save the e-Ticket for redemption.

• What is 3D Secure for credit card payment?

3D Secure is created for VISA/MasterCard/JCB to further secure CNP’s (Cardholder Not Present) internet transaction which creates a ‘trust chain’ for every secure payment made.

This is to assure users that when they shop online, all information and transactions are exclusively meant to be used by them only.

Each credit card has its own version, for VISA, it is “Verified by Visa”, MasterCard is “MasterCard SecureCode”.

• What happens during a 3D secured credit card payment?

When making payment using a 3D Secure credit card, the service will automatically launch a 3D Secure window.

Credit card owner will receive a TAC number to be keyed in the authentication page before checking out.

• What if I do not have a 3D Secure credit card?

You can register for it with the credit card issuing bank.

• Why is my transaction being declined?

All transactions are subject to the approval of your issuing bank/payment provider.

Please contact your issuing bank for more information.

If your credit card is 3D Secure, you must authenticate the transaction to complete the payment. Should you fail to do so, the transaction will be unsuccessful.

• How do I prevent my transactions from being declined?

• Ensure sufficient credit/balance
• Ensure payment details entered correctly
• Ensure credit/ debit card has not been reported stolen or used for fraudulent activity
• Ensure e-Commerce transactions have been enabled for credit/ debit card

• Is there any notification if the transaction for online payment on the official website is successful?

A transaction notification from iPay88 (email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with an e-Ticket from Penang Hill will be sent to the email address registered for the booking.

• What should I do if I did not receive e-Ticket from Penang Hill?

Please check the junk/spam mail if you do not find it in the inbox.
In case a wrong email address has been registered for the booking, please send the correct email address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can resend the e-Ticket.


Alternatively, you can also redeem the purchased ticket at No. 5 ticketing counter by providing email address or phone number for verification purposes.

• I did not receive E-Ticket from Penang Hill Online Website after I have made my purchase.

Kindly check on your junk/ spam mail if you do not find the E-Ticket in your inbox. 
If you have entered the wrong email address when purchasing, kindly send your updated email address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for us to resend the confirmation email to you.
Alternatively, you may redeem the purchased ticket(s) at our ticketing counter by providing your email address or phone number to the ticketing personnel.

Admission to Penang Hill

• Do I need to purchase ticket for my 3-year-old daughter who is coming along to Penang Hill?

No. It is free admission for children aged BELOW 4 years based on their actual date of birth. However, they must be accompanied by adults throughout the visit.

• Is there any special discount for the locals (Malaysians)?

There is the MyKad rate which is applicable to visitors who present valid Resident ID in Malaysia including MyKad, MyKid, MM2H and Work Permit at ticketing counters.

• I am MyKad holder, but my spouse is not. Is he/she eligible for the MyKad rate?

Your spouse is eligible for the special rate as long as he/she can present the valid Resident ID in Malaysia.

• Is the Sunrise/Sunset rate available every day?

The Sunrise/Sunset rate is only available on selected days. Please check the availability at for futher details.

• Is the Sunrise/Sunset rate available for online ticket purchase?

Visitors who are MyKad/MyKid holders get to enjoy the special rate for on-site purchase only at the ticketing counters at the Lower Station, from 6.15am to 8.00am.

Visitors must board the funicular by 9.00am.

• Is there any special rate for group visits from schools?

There is no special rate for walk-in students. However, Penang Hill Corporation (PHC) supports educational institutions by offering a special discount for group visits.

Request for group visits must be sent through email at least FIVE (5) business days in advance. Please visit for more information about the procedure.

• What is the JustQ?

The E-boarding system aims to ease waiting lines and provide for a seamless boarding experience at the funicular station. Ticket receipts issued contain batch numbers, estimated boarding time and allow visitors to plan their visits better. Through E-boarding, visitors are also able to check for their boarding time through the QR code and will only need to go to the station when it is nearer to time of departure.

Penang Hill Funicular Railway and Service

• What is the length of the funicular railway?

The Penang Hill funicular railway is 2km long and is one of the longest funicular tracks in Asia.

• How long is the one-way trip?

Approximately 4.5 minutes.

• What is the carrying capacity of the funiculars?

Each of the funiculars (Mutiara and Pinang) can accommodate up to 100 passengers per trip.

• Can I bring my luggage into the funicular cabin?

Yes, you can bring your luggage and place it in the storage compartment. However, please take note that funicular coach drivers do not provide luggage stowing services.

• Can I bring stroller into the funicular?

Yes, you can bring stroller into the funicular. However, please fold it before boarding to allow a bigger space between passengers.

• Can I bring pets inside the funiculars?

Pets are strictly not allowed to enter the funicular cabin for the comfort of other passengers.

• Can passengers disembark from the funicular at the Middle Station?

Yes, but only certain trips through the day allow passengers to disembark at the Middle Station. Please check with the Information Counter on the schedule.

• Are we allowed to eat and drink inside the funiculars?

Passengers are allowed to bring food and beverage inside the funicular, but NOT to eat and drink during the ride. Tropical fruit with strong odours such as durians is strictly prohibited from being brought into the cabins

• Can I smoke inside the funicular?

Smoking is STRICTLY prohibited inside the funicular.

Direction and transportation modes to Penang Hill

• How to go to Penang Hill?

You can locate Penang Hill with these keywords on the GPS navigation software apps such as Waze or Google Maps: Penang Hill, Penang Hill Lower Station, Penang Hill Car Park. The apps would lead you to Penang Hill Funicular Railway Station.


Alternatively, you can take public transport like Rapid Penang (Bus No. 204), taxis, Grab or Penang Hop On Hop Off (please call 011-1230 5358 to enquire about the availability of the service) to Penang hill Funicular Railway Station.

• Where can I park my vehicles when I reach the Lower Station of Penang Hill?

You can park your vehicles at the nearby Penang Hill Multi-storey Car Park or the open car park near Thean Kong Thnuah Temple.

• Can we drive up to Penang Hill by cars or motorcycles?

No, only residents, business operators and contractors of Penang Hill are allowed to drive their vehicles up the hill.
Permits from the authority Public Works Department Penang (Jabatan Kerja Raya Pulau Pinang) and PHC are required for you to do so.

• What are the other alternative modes of transportation available on Penang Hill? And, how much are the charges?

Visitors can opt for the privately-managed jeep service at Penang Botanic Gardens. The charge for a return trip is about RM160.00 (for a total of 4 passengers).

New Normal Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of Penang Hill

• What are the practices of the new normal SOP implemented by PHC?

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, PHC has put in place a new normal SOP for visitors to help curb the spread of the COVID-19.
When entering the premises, visitors must scan the MySejahtera QR code and body temperature. Among the new practices include physical distancing at ticketing counters and boarding platforms. Visitors are required to wear face masks at all times practice good personal hygiene practice.

• Is there any measure undertaken to prevent COVID-19 in the funiculars?

The maximum carrying capacity of each of the funiculars is 100 passengers. Notwithstanding, PHC has decided to run the funiculars at a reduced capacity for the time being.

• What are the other preventive measures undertaken by PHC?

Other preventive measures include the placement of COVID-19 new normal SOP notices and signages at selected areas with high visibility, public announcement of the new normal SOP at both the Lower and Upper Stations, promotion of the use of e-Wallets and constant disinfection of our facilities and funicular cabins

We also ensure that our customer service personnel wear hand gloves to avoid direct contact with visitors.

Attractions on Penang Hill

• Is Penang Hill funicular ticket inclusive of the entrance fee of other attractions on Penang Hill?

Penang Hill funicular ticket only covers the funicular service. Visitors are free to explore Penang Hill, however there is an admission charge for privately-managed attractions on the hill.

• What are the attractions and activities on Penang Hill?

Please visit the homepage ( ) or download the e-brochure at the bottom footer for information about the attractions and activities on the hill.

These places of attraction are privately-managed, therefore admission fees may be imposed.

• Is there any time limit or duration exploring the top of Penang Hill?

No, there is no time limit or duration, but the time of visit must be within the operating hours (6.30am to 10.00pm).

Please be reminded that the last trip from the Upper Station to the Lower Station is 10.00pm.

Other information

• Are there lockers at Penang Hill?

Yes, there are privately-managed lockers at the Lower Station of Penang Hill. They are located next to the Information Counter near the main entrance.
Visitors are advised to carry their valuables. PHC will not be responsible for loss items or private belongings.

• Is Penang Hill wheelchair accessible? Are there wheelchairs for rent?

Yes, Penang Hill is wheelchair-friendly.

If you need help to board the funicular, please go to the information counter for assistance. Our customer service personnel will help you board the funicular at the designated access.
You can also request for wheelchairs from the customer service personnel.

• Is smoking allowed at Penang Hill?

Penang Hill is gazetted as a NON-SMOKING zone; therefore, smoking is strictly prohibited.

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