The most common forest type found on Penang Hill is the hill dipterocarp forest.

Growing at higher altitudes are some of the submontane oak-laurel as well as coniferous trees. The Tree fern which is normally associated with higher elevations is also found growing here.

Penang Hill is scientifically important as a type site of many Malaysian plant species. In the past, botanists came here to collect plants for herbaria around the world. It is an area rich in biodiversity and has a great number of endemic species, some of which are so rare that their existence is endangered.

The rare and endangered species include the parasitic plant Exorhopalia ruficeps, which grows in the shady and damp undergrowth. The Penang Slipper Orchid (Paphiopedilum barbatum) is fast becoming over-collected and disappearing. The endangered witch hazel Maingaya malayana was rediscovered years ago and has since been propagated.


Large mammals are not found on Penang Hill. Wild boars, small and medium-sized mammals such as the squirrels, monkeys and tree shrews can be seen.

A number of species found in these hills are nocturnal. These include the civets, flying lemurs, flying civets and bats.

On your lucky day, spot some of the rare animals such as the Dusky Leaf Monkey, Black Giant Squirrel and Greater Racked-Tailed Drongo in the tropical rainforest of Penang Hill. They can be spotted occasionally during mid-mornings and late afternoons.

Penang Hill has a rich bird fauna. Over 100 species or about 80% of the birds found on Penang Island have been recorded here. They range from the common garden species to rare deep forest inhabitants.

In the evenings, the characteristic calls of the cicadas and crickets are often heard. If one is discerning enough, the stick insect and leaf mantis may be found well-camouflaged among the vegetation.

The Habitat

Enjoy a pristine rainforest experience

The Habitat on Penang Hill is the place to visit for the most complete, exciting and educational Malaysian rainforest experience. When you walk through the gates of The Habitat you enter a magical natural kingdom of genuine beauty.

Rolling hills, pristine rain forest, lush flora, enormous granite boulders and distant views make The Habitat on Penang Hill a must-see attraction. This world-class ecotourism site, the first of its kind in Malaysia, aims to promote environmental consciousness and conservation awareness tourism.

The Habitat rainforest is part of the lungs of Penang. Through photosynthesis, plants pull carbon out of the atmosphere, storing it in the root stems, leaves and branches, then transforming it into life-giving oxygen. Rainforests also help recycle and clean our water supplies. The Habitat's nature trail allows you to appreciate these jungle rainforests and the wildlife that calls them home.

Opening Hours:
9:00am - 8:00pm (Daily)
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Opening Hours:
9:30am - 4:30pm (Daily)
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Nature Walks

Enjoy a self-guided walks along the interesting bypaths

Nature Walks @ Penang Hill offer visitors the opportunity to go on self-guided walks along three interesting bypaths on the summit of the Hill.

Alternatively, visitors could choose to join free guided walks conducted by volunteer guides who will be able to provide better perspectives of the Hill. The service is provided initially at regular intervals (on weekends & public/ school holidays) and is complimentary (but tipping is welcome) for individual walk-in visitors. Tour groups can pre-book for appointed time slots for which a nominal charge will apply (email mindgrp@gmail.com for details).

The Nature Walk service is the initiative of Penang Hill Corporation, but under a private operator, and part of the mission to encourage visitors to explore and discover more of the Hill.

Monkey Cup Garden

An interesting showcase of pitcher plants of all kinds.

Being the first of its kind in West Malaysia, Monkey Cup Garden prides itself to have a total of more than 100 varieties of plants with species ranging from lowland to the exciting and spectacular mountain or highland species from across the region.

Visitors need not travel to far-away places but instead just visit us at Penang Hill and you can feast your eyes and be educated with such locally unprecedented opportunity or viewing these great varieties which are embraced within the cool, lush green hill vegetation with frequent sightings of little wild life such as flying lemurs, squirrels, birds, monkeys, lizards, butterflies, scorpions and other fauna.

More interesting is enjoying the natural ecological-system in the virgin jungle reserve. One can feel the biodiversity in the century-old tropical greeneries of Penang Hill. We also offer you a real place to truly sit back and relax in our Kopi Hutan (forest coffee) Cafe.

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9:00am - 6:00pm (Daily)
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