Immerse in the sights and sounds of nature at
highland heritage on Penang Hill

Bellevue Hotel

Our Rooms Are Equipped With Every Comfort

Bellevue Hotel is the one and only hotel on Penang Hill. Just a stone’s throw from the Upper Station, this bungalow-style hotel has a total of 12 rooms. Guests get to enjoy panoramic views of George Town’s skyline during day and night from its terrace.

The hotel houses an aviary featuring different types of tropical birds near its entrance. There is also a botanical garden with assorted rare and endangered local plant species that are gathered under research.

  • Overall Units: 12 units of limited Single, Twin and Three Bedded Family Rooms

  • Occupancy: 1 - 3 individuals

  • Price Range: RM 320 - RM 470 per night

Hillside Retreat

Enjoy the Nature, Comfort and Harmony

Travel back in time and stay atop the oldest colonial hill station in Peninsular Malaysia developed by the British in the 18th century. Rest your heads in a century-old bungalow surrounded by the magnificent wonders of our 130 million-year-old rain forest. The Hillside Retreat is just a stone’s throw away from George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located deep within Penang’s lush biosphere, this humble retreat offers tranquil gateway from the hustle and bustle of the city of this present day. Let's set out on the voyage of discovering Penang’s old colonial history with natural heritage!

  • Overall Suites: 4 Deluxe Boutique & 4 Bunker

  • 12 Camping Tents available ( 3 - 4 pax per camp)

  • You may bring your own tent with limited charges

  • Deluxe Boutique Room: 29.2 m²

  • Superior Bunker Room: 10.1 m²

  • Occupancy: 1 - 4 individuals

  • Price Range: RM60 - RM388 per night

Experience the peak of the Pearl of the Orient

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